Wednesday, July 29, 2009

6~Is CNN Covering Up Michael Jackson Ghost Video ?

UPDATE : Is CNN Covering Up Michael Jackson Ghost Video ?
07/27/2009 by parabook
PERSONAL NOTE : A few weeks back I posted a video of a Larry King CNN Special on Michael Jackson that many thought ( and many still do think ) contained a scene in which the spirit of Michael himself can be seen. Larry King and his crew explained the supposed spirit sighting as a trick of light in which a crewmember had cast a shadow onto a distant wall . The video below was just brought to my attention. It was posted at YouTube by a 44 year old Canadian that goes by the username of CCPaintball. He recorded the live broadcast and later as his friend watched it he found more strange occurrences in the video. CCPaintball says that the scene he found the new anomaly in can only be found in the original live broadcast and that in later re-broadcasts the scene has been strangely cut out. This is a fact I cannot verify as true or false since I did not see the original live version or any of the re-broadcasts. I leave it up to each of you as to your thoughts.
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  1. The figure in front of the fireplace can be explained, but the figure on the stairs, honestly- freaks me out!!