Monday, August 10, 2009

32~ Follow up from post #25....The phone is saved!!

Sanyo Katana II is the best phone EVER!!
Let me tell you @ this phone-twice now it has cheated death!!
..About a year ago, I accidentally put the phone in the washing machine (forgot it was in a pocket) -it went through he entire cycle, set to heavy load!!!!
Still ~ not knowing it was being assaulted, it went into the drier. By the time I realized what I had done, it had gone through the washer and 30 minutes in the drier! To add insult to injury, it fell out of the drier onto the concrete floor...

Being as cheap, er, frugal as I am, I decided that dang phone WAS going to work!! I wiped it off and took a hair drier to it-four hours later-it was working and I was calling everyone to tell them!!

It never rusted,(everyone said it would) and still works! After this last Saturdays phone bath-it took two days in a sealed Ziplock baggie with dessicant-but it works baby!! there is no damage,pictures still there, clear, as well as my contacts!

The lesson here is: if you want a reliable phone, go with a Sanyo Katana II and if you insist on bathing your phone-dessiccant in a baggie/hairdrier seems to work.

.....dessicant are those pesky little white packets labeled "Do not eat" that come in vitamin bottles, shoeboxes,bookbags etc. to keep them dry. (these are the places I frantically searched and found them)

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