Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Tent City baby!! ..note the jumping rope support because we couldn't find all the poles! ha ha ha

Today began, for me, with a very nutritious breakfast of Tylenol and coffee, after sleepingoutside in *KID* tents with my girls. I probably got about 4 hours of sleep (girls got more)because of countless hours of waking with the "what-if's"...what if a skunk decides this is the perfect place to crash for the evening? ..what if the girls really DID have food in their tents?...what if the girls or I get bitten by the *one* highly toxic and rare snipe beetle!? (we have all gone snipe hunting!) ...anything is possible, maybe there is a snipe beetle?...BUT,
As you can tell none of that occurred, we awoke sore and tired but I have to say I had a painfully good time!

....LATER in the day, we had lunch with G'pa (my dad/Grandpa is a name for old people!) and went to a local watering hole....no, not that kind...a local creek to cool off from this 90 degree humid weather. The girls got into the biggest mud fight I have seen yet! ...by the end of the day, I had fallen in, trying to retrieve a flip flop that was floating away from it's owner (my eldest-10)...FLASHFORWARD>>>>>

I am now with out a cell phone because OF COURSE I had it on me! This is the second time this phone has taken on water (another story for which I SHOULD have a commercial!) ...we will see if it survives this situation, if it does I should consider a Sanyo Katana II tattoo! ha ha --kidding mommy---

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  1. Ohhhhh Noooooooo.......sorry to hear about your phone!!! Sounds like you had a fun day though!!!! :-)