Wednesday, November 11, 2009

104~ SURVEY SPOT/Paypal (sucks!)

Anyone a member of SurveySpot? I recently noticed that I had $5 to cash out on the old system- my question/concern is the new Paypal thing.. ...
I LOATHE Paypal-well, ok, I'm not going to be cushy- I HATE Paypal, and will never use them again!
**I warn you all- they are NOT a secure site-there are leaks and I was a victim to one of those leaks!!
(SHORT & SWEET- a simple $20 transaction cost me $300!!)

**SO my question to SurveySpot is, do we HAVE to use sucky/unsecure Paypal, or will you still mail checks?
~I emailed them and will post response when/if I get one.

..if they are no longer mailing checks-I am outta there-more cash for you all!...